Monday, August 25, 2014

Second Verse

There is a 2nd contract on my daughter's house.  People looked at it mid-week and made an offer the same day.  It took a bit of back and forth, and by the end of last week the papers were signed.  Their financing is already approved, so it might be that by the end of September everything will be settled.

I think the term is guarded optimism.

Ken pressed his over-sized van into service this weekend to move items too big for an Outback.  We were all exhausted Sunday evening but when we looked around it felt like the end is in sight.

I am officially back to work this week.  There are "professional days" Wednesday and Thursday.  Students return next Tuesday.  It feels odd not to be in my own classroom, making bulletin boards and organizing class lists and preparing lesson plans.  On the other hand, the parameters are clear and I will give 100% within those limits.  I welcome the chance for a new experience.

Second verses do not need to be the same as the first....

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Moving By Outback

At the last possible moment the sale of the house my daughter has owned for seven years fell through.  Just three weeks before the closing the buyer lost her financing.  The realtor was stunned; every inspection had been done and the house was ready.  My daughter had to decide if she was going forward with the purchase of her next house.

Experts were consulted.  Numbers were crunched.  Adjustments were made.

My daughter decided to take the leap.  Last Thursday she closed on her new house.  The move south began.

Originally movers were going to move everything.  Changes in timing meant that wasn't necessary.  She and I have been packing for weeks and started carting boxes by car as soon as she had the keys to the front door.  We each drive a 2012 Subaru Outback, which can hold a considerable amount of stuff.  A three bedroom house with a full basement holds a lot of stuff, so we started one box at a time.  Almost a week later it looks like we are making progress.

My daughter wisely hired a Maine-based company to move the furniture and chest freezer.  She and I dismantled every bed and emptied every drawer.  We literally had every piece lined up and ready to load.  On Sunday three movers arrived and loaded the truck in one hour.  On the other end they unloaded every piece and safely placed it in its new home in one hour.  It was a pleasure to watch them work and worth every penny.

The work of emptying the old house and making it shine continues.  The realtor has kept his promise to actively pursue the sale of my daughter's house.  Showings continue.

I believe the house in Augusta will be sold to someone who will appreciate it like my family has for 36 years.  That house took care of us from the first day until now.

My daughter's new house suits her and the new neighborhood is a good fit.  Her commute is half of what it was.  She and her pets are settling in.

My daughter has found her new home.   

Monday, August 11, 2014

Threads Of Memory

When babies were born and families were young, threads of a friendship started more than three decades ago~

A braided rug was handed down from one friend to another~

As children grew and families changed, the threads grew worn~

Now repaired and good as new, the braided threads of memory will soon warm my daughter's new home~

Monday, August 4, 2014


We have known for years that we needed to rebuild the deck on this house.  The first couple summers Ken dutifully power-washed and stained the boards but sun, heat, and snow take a toll on low-grade wood no matter what you do.  We offered the boards to a friend who needs a temporary deck solution and he politely refused; he said our boards are in worse shape than the ones he removed from his own deck.  We didn't take offense but felt vindicated in what we've known all along.

Two years ago we started the research needed to learn all we could about the variety of decking materials now available.  I am glad we waited because in that short time new composite materials have been developed and we are pleased with our selection. 

It's a big job.  All the old boards have to be removed~
The first section measures 36 feet long by 10 feet wide
TimberTech Earthwood Evolutions Terrain has boards the exact length we need~
Boards in 16 and 20 foot lengths will fill the space
Fascia boards along the edge will also need to be replaced due to water damage~
Upper boards were not properly painted before installation
It took several hours to interpret detailed installation instructions~
At the start Ken strategically positioned planks to work from
 After the first few courses the work moved along more smoothly~
Ken's using a hidden fastening system
 After four weekends there is a lot to show for all Ken's hard work~
Looking toward the backyard
Boards in the porch area need to come up so work can begin there~
This space is 20 feet by 8 feet
It felt good last night to survey the progress so far~
The railings need to be replaced, which is another story
Pollen, leaves, and acorns are all welcome~
The raised grain feels good on my feet