Tuesday, April 24, 2012


April break was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute. I painted ceilings, bought red dinner plates, cleaned every inch of my bedroom, went shopping with my daughter, watched hockey with Ken, cooked real dinners, went walking with a friend, stayed up late, made vacation plans for the summer, and relaxed.

Monday came too soon.

It has been hard to get up early to leave the house. The morning drive has been long.

Then today at lunch someone said something that made us all feel better ~ there are 35 student days left in the school year. That time includes two days of assessments for math and reading, a day at a ropes course, a day of community service, and at least another half day of special activities. We all agreed that we can do 35 more days.

Out of curiosity I went back through my planbook and counted how many days I have already worked. Today was number 35.

The midpoint. I didn't realize that I am halfway through.

That feels good.

Friday, April 13, 2012


I had a great time last weekend in Providence. My daughter drove her new car, Sallie Mae ~

We started Saturday morning at a farmers' market that surpassed any indoor market I've ever had the pleasure to visit. Located in an old mill, just inside the entrance is a great hall where you can buy coffee, maple syrup, baked goods, and chowder. In the hallway, just beyond the windows, were dozens of vendors of every type of food you can imagine, books, jewelry, candy, and violins ~

Speaking of violins ~

Downtown we lunched on black bean wraps and salad ~

And walked along the Basin ~

Where throughout the spring and summer, on designated evenings, braziers set on fire will fill the area with light during WaterFire ~

We ended the day with live music by The Superchief Trio [a five-piece band] to celebrate the release of their latest CD. Great swing music with a jazzy flair ~

Thanks to our hostess, Katie, for a wonderful weekend. There is a lot to do in Providence, and Ken and I are planning a trip to enjoy WaterFire and some of that Providence culture.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fourth Quarter

It was a fun weeekend. I have pictures! To share later. Tonight I am moving slowly. Today, like last Wednesday, I had a dozen student conferences between 3:15 and 6:30.

I enjoy conferences with the parents and families of students. I always have. That does not make them any less exhausting. Three hours of 15-minute conversations require that I am "on" my game and able to be honest, while positive, with people I have never met about younger people I have known for only six weeks. Classwork, grades, behavior, curriculum, and plans for the coming quarter are the topics covered.

All of this after a day of teaching, a meeting with administration about behavior issues, and planning lessons for tomorrow.

Fourth quarter has started. We are coming down the home stretch.

Next week is April break. Perfect timing.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Goin' On A Trip

It will be short trip, just the weekend, but a trip out of state nonetheless.

My daughter and I are going to Rhode Island to visit a friend. We have been trying to make this happen for two years, but schedules and neither one of us totally trusting our car has made it hard to make plans.

We both have the weekend off....

And my daughter has a new car. A brand new 2012 Sky Blue Subaru Outback. It's beautiful and I get to ride in it. The car had five miles on it when she bought it, her first brand new car. Heck it's her first car bought with less than 80,000 miles on it. This is her first car with the new car smell and every surface in mint condition.

Did I mention it's beautiful?

The weather is clear and dry. The roads will all be major highways. We have plans for lots of talking, good food, good music, and shopping.

I'm goin' on a trip, and I feel fine.