Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks

I am giving thanks for family. I am always glad when my son comes home from Boston, which he did last night. This year is special because we have a new member of the family, Maggie Louise, who was born just nine days ago. My daughter made a hat and sweater for the baby to wear home~

She didn't know if the baby was a girl or boy, so there was the decision to be made about a name.  Many were tried. Maggie fits just right~

Maggie spends most of her day eating and sleeping.  My daughter will sometimes catch her awake for a photo~

We are delivering Thanksgiving dinner to Maggie's house this year.  I think I'll go wake her up~

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Until further notice, I will be holding the baby~  

Saturday, November 14, 2015

No News

There are instances where no news would not be good news, like when you're waiting to hear about a job interview or trying to buy a house.  I have been in both of those situations and waited with baited breath for news.

In my current time and space, no news is good news. On Tuesday I was scanned, measured, mashed, and relieved of two vials of blood, and I haven't heard a word.  That's good news because if there was a concern, I think I would have heard something by now.  The results should be shared with my doctor within a week, and her office will send me a copy.  I will put the paperwork in a file and out of my mind until someone suggests it's time to get something or other checked again.

That's the scenario I choose to focus on.

This morning Ken and I were treated to brunch with friends.  They invited us to their home, crafted a delicious meal, and then took us for a long walk on wooded trails that surround their neighborhood.  It was a crisp fall day and being outside was invigorating.  I don't get that same feeling alone on the treadmill. It was engaging to walk and talk about families and books and ideas.  A thread that ran through all the topics was how fortunate we are to have good health, independent children, and opportunities to do the things we enjoy.

I had a rough day at work yesterday and there are no indications that things will get easier any time soon.  I got caught up in that and ended the day angry and frustrated. Then I got upset with myself for letting the situation get the best of me.  

Today with friends turned that thinking around.

Monday I have a paper due for my class.  That will keep me busy tomorrow, and while I work I will hold onto the feelings from today.

The journey continues ~

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November Update

I drove home in the dark last night.  I stopped on the way to vote.  I was tired and almost didn't, but someone I know was on the ballot for select board.  I know what that feels like and wanted to lend my support.  Parking was easy, and I was quickly in and out.  I was in favor of all three referendum questions, and they passed, so I felt a part of that.

I was getting home later than usual because I had an appointment with the osteopath after work, my third visit in a month.  She's doing some heavy duty work to get my body figured out.  During the second visit she noted that my aorta was palpable.  She advised me to ask my primary care physician to schedule an ultrasound of my aorta.  I had a physical planned for later that week, and my primary care doctor agreed that I should have an ultrasound.

It came up again at yesterday's appointment.  The doctor mentioned she saw my aorta pulsing.  She felt my wrist and said my pulse was bounding.  She said it could be normal for me, so we'll see what the test shows. 

Next Tuesday morning I have enough tests scheduled every half hour to hold me for awhile, starting at 7:00 with the ultrasound and continuing with a mammogram, bone scan, and fasting blood work.  The last three are routine.  I've promised myself a big breakfast to celebrate afterward, and I'm treating myself to a haircut in the afternoon.

I thought October would be the month to get myself in shape.  I am still working toward that goal, but I did accomplish something else....

I am now the proud owner of a smart phone.  I have been on my daughter's cell phone plan for years.  For months we have been talking about updating her phone and bringing my communication into the 21st century.  I didn't feel ready, but I don't know that I ever would on my own.  Each day I learn a bit more. I have sent and received a few texts.  This evening I added a few contacts.

I never know when I might want to call a friend ~