Friday, May 9, 2008

Looking for a Team

Last night I attended a screening of Kick Like a Girl, a 25-minute documentary about a girls' soccer team. I highly recommend it if you get a chance to see it. It's about a team of 8-year-olds who can really play soccer. They are so good that coach Jenny McKenzie, who is one of the mothers, signs them up to play in the boys' league so they can be challenged. The story behind the film is of a woman in the midst of changing careers who is coaching soccer and attending film school. Her project is about the value of being part of a team, and the film itself illustrates the process of social change. The girls know they're good because they work together, and some of the boys begin to realize that too.

I left inspired. I need to find a team.

So last night I continued my search of the blogosphere. Earlier this week I watched mommybloggers on The Today Show and checked out a few. If you're curious, a good place to start is with Dooce, one of the best known. For a broader view, check out blogher. I found the sites interesting but not what I was looking for...until last night when I found the 50-something momsblog. There are women like me out who are writing about their lives in their blogs. Who knew? Well, my daughter says she's been telling me about the possibilities, but it took me a while to get there from here. Maybe I wasn't ready to know yet, not to mention that it takes me forever to find anything on the web. Then you should see me try to find it a second time....

Anyway, I think I may have found a team I can join. And I bookmarked them so I can find them again.

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Putting the pieces together... said...

Yay for the book mark! It is a good tool...and glad you found a team. Its amazing...its taken me almost two years to find my team, it it just happens to be a knitting group. It is nice to be in a bunch of people who have similar interests, that I agree...and that is where friendships can form from. also, i like the picture!!