Monday, October 27, 2008

Leo Fits In

Leo wraps himself with his tail as he sleeps on "his" box. He hasn't fallen off yet ~

Leo sleeping on Ken's lap ~

Leo has become part of our family. Last night my husband said, "Leo fits right in." The cat has figured out our household schedule and how to make his needs known. He likes canned food in the morning and a nap on his box in the afternoon. Some nights he wants to go bed early, so he meows to go into the garage. Ken gives him dry food before he leaves for work. From the garage Leo hears me when I start moving around in the morning, and he lets me know he's ready to come in.

We weren't looking for a cat and hadn't really considered getting a pet. Leo found us and made us his family. I will always wonder how he knew we were the right family for him.


CaShThoMa said...

I'm so glad Leo has a good home; I suspect there's a reason he found you. He'll give you many gifts and you've certainly saved his life. He's such a nice looking cat too. All good.

Anonymous said...

He's a beauty- that tail is pure Maine Coon!

Anonymous said...

We don't have a pet, but I almost adopted a cat that followed me back to the office when I was working at a small daily newspaper. The little cat was so cold, it nested on my wool pants and slept the entire afternoon. Another coworker said her sister's family had lost a cat and asked to adopt it, so I donated it to their home.

But I think animals have an uncanny ability to recognize something in us humans -- and I think Leo selected you two!