Saturday, October 11, 2008

Leo: One Week Later

Oh, a catnip toy. The one last week wasn't all that appealing. But wait, this one has a real kick ~

Let me at it ~

Oh, my, I love this catnip pillow ~

I never want to lose this catnip feeling ~
[pillow can be found under the cat, firmly in her grasp...sigh....]

*Photo credit: my daughter, who can laugh and take pictures.
Tonight my daughter and I stopped at a pet store to pick up some items. She picked up two catnip pillows for her cats. When we got back to my house, we unpacked the car and she piled her items near the garage door. Well, Leo just had to check it out. My daughter watched her and brought the catnip pillows upstairs. Then she called me in from the other room. Oh my goodness. The photos above show our found feline in catnip heaven. My daughter tried to remove a pillow from her grasp...and it was the first time we've seen Leo hisssssss. One more thing we've learned about this cat who came into our lives just one week ago....

Leo is still with us. S/he looks better and feels so at home that she doesn't need to keep one of us in her sights every minute. She likes tuna cat food and would eat only that if we didn't sometimes make dry food the only option. She loves cat snacks. We learned she likes milk when she almost knocked us over to follow my empty cereal bowl and Ken's empty ice cream bowl to the kitchen; each time it started innocently enough with her purring on our lap while we had a snack.

Leo has her own space in the garage for eating, sleeping, and using the kitty litter box, a real one that Ken bought yesterday. She recently selected another spot for naps and bathing - on top of a piece of luggage, which I have covered with a towel for her comfort and my need to keep a handle on the cat hair, which is a battle I may well lose. Mid-week she started bathing several times an hour, probably to make up for all that lost time while she was trying to survive whatever adventure she was on for who knows how long. It's funny to watch her start to walk across the room and suddenly sit down to lick some body part.

We haven't had any luck finding Leo's owner. I haven't had a response to the call I placed on Wednesday to the number on the poster for the lost cat two towns over. I did have someone else call when they saw my number posted as someone who found an orange cat, but Leo is not their striped tabby.

I made an appointment for a vet visit next Thursday. Her eye looks better, but I want to make sure it doesn't need treatment. She obviously scuffled with something. She was an indoor cat so she probably needs shots for anything she might have picked up during her outdoor adventure.

If we still have her Thursday, I am going to assume she's ours to keep or find a good home. And considering how she has become part of the household, I think it will be the former.


Anonymous said...

Awww... how cute is that! And how wonderful, a fab home! It's a she I take it? Is she unable to have kittens do you think? Gotta watch the food intake, grateful cats will stuff themselves and tend to get very fat (cat PTSD).I would invest in a good brush to manage the cat hair! She's a catnip addict!

CaShThoMa said...

Leo can easily say, "I once was lost but now I'm found." He/she is a lucky cat to have found you.

jd881 said...

Congrats on being found, Sharon. I thought I'd send a quick note and let you know I'm safely in Edinburgh after long travels. Thanks for the voice mail message, too!

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I think you're getting really attached to the cat -- who's really adorable!